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2 HOURS of ONE to ONE Pilates for beginners only
£45 !

I want Pilates to be accessible to more people, to put people at ease by providing a relaxed but thorough, detailed consultation and assessment prior to beginning their Pilates journies. Within the two hours we will discuss exercise history, previous and current injuries, and explore your body type through postural analysis. I will assess through specific exercises, what you might need to help you to reach your personal and individual goal or goals. I will give you specific exercises and stretches for you to take away and practise.

This will provide you with a good foundation and understanding of the principles of Pilates, and could be beneficial for progressing wether it be in the class setting or further private lessons.

Call or email today to book your 2 hour session with me; 07928 675721

...Pilates is a safe, and effective way for EVERYONE to take care of your body. Many of the exercises focus on strengthening the muscles that support the pelvis and spine. This helps to prevent problems occuring in the spine, and reduces pain that is so common for many of us...

Through learning the principles of Pilates, your body will become more toned, more supple, leaner, with better posture...and the gentle flow of Pilates will help you to feel more relaxed, less tense and more aware of your self, your body and your breathing.

I completed a year long Diploma in London with The Pilates Foundation in 2010. The courses here are of a very high standard and thoroughly examined for depth of knowledge and safetly. 

Mat Classes range from groups of 4 up to a maximum of 12 but usually less. 

Classes with 2, 3, or 4 are also held, and are beneficial if you would like plenty of guidance throughout. PLease contact me for further details if required.