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I practise a range of treatments within Bristol, wether it be private sessions, within the clinic environment, or occasionally the Spa setting.

I am committed to CPD (continual professional development) to stay up to date - oftentimes completing courses to further learning and development within the healing arts field.

Treatments include;

Indian Head Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Seated CHAIR Massage *

Concessions can be available for students and unemployed or multiple treatments. Please ask for more details and i would be happy to discuss.

The prices and treatments offered as of start of 2017 are as follows;

Aromatherapy                 £50 per hour, £70 for 90 mins (1st session 90 mins)

Holistic Massage             £45 per hour, £65 for 90 mins

Deep Tissue Massage      £45 per hour, £65 for 90 mins

Reflexology                     £45 per hour,
£60 for 75 mins

Indian Head Massage     
£35 for 40 mins  

Hot Stone Massage        
£70 for 90 mins

Chair Massage                
£15 for 15 mins

Pilates one to one            £40 per hour, 
£150 for 5 sessions

I charge an additional    
£5 fuel fee to travel to homes within Bristol.

Pilates Matwork Classes  £6-15 (depending on venue, location and size of group)

I can be flexible to the needs of my clients and will taylor the treatment accordingly, as well as doing combinations of treatments if desired.

* CHAIR MASSAGE; These 15 minute sessions are best suited to events, such as festivals, and corporate workplaces where people are limited in time and space. Clients remain dressed for the session and the massage focuses on back, neck and shoulders. I can visit worplaces during lunch hours.